Hi there,

My name is Simas and thank you so much for visiting my Hustle Diary!

I’m a young Lithuanian guy who just finished high school and traveled around the globe to have a gap year in Australia. I’m a traveler at heart who is passionate about new experiences.

The reason I’m here is that I finally have the opportunity to explore myself without any distractions. Throughout those 12 years at school, I wasn’t taught to think for myself, I’m guessing most of us haven’t. So my goal for this year is to find an area where I could literally dedicate my whole self to¬†(I know it has something to do with business) and just go with it.

Above anything else – the progress of life is my ultimate passion (explains my easy addiction to strategic video games where you constantly ‘level up’ and improve). I’m just addicted to spending every day with a purpose. That feeling keeps fueling me since my teenage years and fails to let me down to this day.

Here you will witness a Hustle Diary – a one man’s journey to the top – both ups and downs. I’m going to share everything I’ve got and that way I hope to motivate some of you guys as well.

So, without further ado, let the journey begin!